Who are DDF and DMA?

Oprettelsesdato 16. april 2010

DMA is the Danish Newspapers’ and Media Employers’ Association.

DDF - Danish Newspaper Publishers´ Association - is the Danish daily newspapers' trade political organisation and counts all the daily newspapers as its members. According to its regulations, its tasks are to work to ensure the freest possible legal and practical framework which society establishes for the daily papers’ editorial and business practices.

In all situations where the daily papers have a mutual interest, it is DDF’s task to disseminate the viewpoints of the trade to the Folketing (Danish parliament), government, central administration and any other relevant authorities (including the EU system). In addition, there is their contact with the other media groups, educational institutions that educate media workers, the advertising trade, etc. Finally, DDF has a special department, The Newspaper in Education, which co-operates with various schools to ensure that the newspaper media is considered and discussed in educational programmes.

DDF is also an umbrella organisation covering three individual segments DDF’s Negotiation Organisation, (DMA), Danish Local Newspapers (DD) and QRP.DK.

DMA is the Danish Newspapers’ and Media Employers’ Association. It is part of the community of the Danish Employers’ Confederation, and among other things it negotiates the working conditions and relations for all the newspapers’ personnel groups. Most, but not all, daily papers are members of DMA. DD is an advertising sales organisation, numbering all the daily-paper-owned free-weekly papers as its members. DD represents these papers to advertising buyers who desire national or regional coverage via the local papers.

In addition, both DDF and DMA advise their members on a series of legal questions and arrange a number of internal trade conferences.




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